Welcome to Peak Forage Products, where we are dedicated to providing the dairy, livestock and forage producer, with the best possible forage genetics and the latest management information to help them improve the profitability of their farm. As dairy farmers ourselves, we recognize the value of high quality forages in reducing our feed costs which are typically the biggest expense on any dairy or livestock farm. With having high quality forages, it allows us to feed a higher forage ration and our cattle are healthier and longevity is improved. This reduces our vet costs and lowers our cull rate which permits us to sell more animals for more dollars as breeding stock rather than cull cows.

As forage producers, we know it costs the same to plant, harvest and store a crop regardless of quality or yield. However, having high quality with high forage yields results in a crop that returns many times over the returns from a poor quality crop or low yielding variety and that greatly impacts your bottom line. We feel that the more profitable we can make our customers, the longer we will have a job doing what we love to do.