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Kingfisher Generation II - Seed Coating

A New Tool to Improve Conventional and Organic Crop Performance

We at Byron Seeds are very excited to bring you a new and innovative product in 2014 - New KingFisher Gen II seed coating. KingFisher Gen II is packed with features to help increase the performance of your organic and conventional crops. It includes a broad spectrum of beneficial bacteria and fungi that colonize germinating seedlings and developing toot systems.

KingFisher Gen II improves crop performance by:

  • Quickening emergence and enhancing seedling vigor and health
  • Fixing nitrogen and improving solubilization and availability of a complete nutritional package for seedlings
  • Stimulating and nourishing beneficial microbes

In on-farm testing, KingFisher Gen II-treated crops have exhibited:

  • Improved yields
    -KingFisher Gen II treated corn yielded 9.6 bu./acre more than untreated corn in recent yield tests
  • Enhanced season-long plant health
  • Better microbial activity for improved seedling vigor and health
  • Improved stand consistency and uniformity
  • Improved root mass and standability

KingFisher Gen II features a convenient on-seed delivery system that helps crops achieve their genetic potential. The treatment employs a visible color coating to assure seed has been treated and is available in liquid and dry formulations for on-farm treatment flexibility:

  • Unique Gen II PB for planter box applications
  • Gen II liquid for pre-planting treatment

We ran a corn trail at our Rockville, Indiana, warehouse comparing MC-6060 without the coating.

  • The control group really lost on overall population, which can be attributed to the wet spring in West Central Indiana.
  • The Gen II group showed improved emergence and early survival in wet conditions.
  • Treated MC-6060 plants were about six to eight inches taller than the control group.

We planted four rows each of the coated MC-6060 and the uncoated MC-6060, replicated three times. All plots were planted at a population of 32,000. Five samples were taken randomly from both the coated group and the control group, and the results are shown in the tables below.

MC-6060 Treated w/ KF Gen II - 2013

Check Population Bushels/Acre
1 31,000 253.04
2 30,000 246.16
3 32,000 257.28
4 33,000 273.95
5 29,000 243.25
Avg. 31,000 254.74

MC-6060 Untreated - 2013

Check Population Bushels/Acre
1 22,000 212.00
2 27,000 227.06
3 22,000 208.77
4 25,000 221.95
5 23,000 217.38
Avg. 24,800 217.43