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Replant Policy

If there is a need to replant a field of Masters Choice corn, KingFisher Alfalfa, or one of our premium, perennial grasses, as determined by Peak Forage Products and by a Byron seed representative, our replant policy is as follows:

For all alfalfas and premium grasses, our replant policy is 50% of the retail price. This is for seed that is direct seeded only, as frost seedings do not qualify for replant. If you plant 100% Masters Choice corn, there is a 100% replant policy. For all other situations the replant policy is 50%.

Organic Seed

Peak Forage is a supporter of the organic farming movement. We believe that there is a need for good, healthy forage for our livestock and good, healthy food for our families. It seems that others agree with us because there is an ever increasing demand for a source of unmodified good and forage.

Look for the KingFisher Organic logo to determine which products are available as organic seed.

** Please contact us for more information.